The landfill site

The landfill site

We don't just dump the waste onto the ground.
We create a landfill body.

The site has an overall surface area of 165 hectares. 113 of these hectares are available for landfill use. This means that Ihlenberg is one of the largest landfills of this type in Europe. The landfill can correspondingly deal with a lot of waste. It can take 4,000 tonnes of waste on a daily basis to build up the landfill body.

The landfill can take a maximum of 1 million tonnes of waste annually. The landfill’s remaining capacity is approximately 7 million m³, meaning that the operation of the Ihlenberg landfill is guaranteed for many years to come.
The way the Ihlenberg landfill is constructed corresponds with the landfill class III, meaning it meets the requirements for fittings (sealing/covering systems) of the highest technical standards which an aboveground landfill for special waste requires.

The delivered waste is integrated in layers of approximately 4 metres. A modern, partially GPS-supported machinery fleet made up of bulldozers, wheel loaders, dumpers and further large devices guarantees optimum integration and high performance efficiency of the landfill. The safety of our employees is very important to us. All devices are therefore equipped with special protective ventilation equipment which protects the technicians from the outside conditions.

Each type of waste means different challenges and requirements when it comes to choosing the right integration technology in order to ensure a safe, secure and environmentally friendly landfilling of

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Areas of the landfill currently not in use are temporarily covered by a specially trained team of IAG employees. Welded plastic sealing sheets made of polyethylene protect the landfill body from precipitation. This has the result that the amount of seepage water that is created and the amount of landfill gas that escapes is greatly reduced. In 2015 alone, approximately 70,000 m² was temporarily covered.
The same applies to the areas that are currently closed, where no waste is unloaded.

When leaving the landfill, vehicles have to pass through one of three tyre washers. In this way, we can guarantee that nothing is carried out onto the public roads by the vehicles and machinery. We have even developed a special high-pressure washer for our own vehicles which ensures that all the vehicles can be kept clean.
We also offer our partners the additional service of being able to wash the beds of the trucks. Whether tipper trucks, moving-floor trucks or container trucks – all types of vehicles can be washed in our vehicle washers, which preserve resources and use rain water, of course.

Disposal is a matter of trust.

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