Energy generation

Energy generation

We use the power of the sun.
How heat and power are generated from waste.


We also use solar-generated power at our facility in Ihlenberg as an important cornerstone for sustainable and regenerative energy generation. In 2014 we constructed a photovoltaic plant with 944 solar modules from Conergy PowerPlus on particularly suitable roof areas of our facility buildings. In total, we use a collection surface area of approximately 1555 m² in the area of our workshop buildings, a lorry garage, as well as a warehouse building.

Our photovoltaic plant generates a total of 225,000 kWh/a. In the business year of 2015, we were able to feed-in a total of 223,071 kWh into the electricity grid.

This corresponds to a saving of approximately 190 tonnes of CO² and a theoretical supply of 55 four-person households with an annual consumption of 4000kWh.

Gas use

Waste also contains organic substances, which biodegrade over a long period of time. Landfill gas is created in the process. This gas can be used to generate energy because it contains methane gas. 

Collecting the gas:
In gas-collection wells, the gas is sucked out using a vacuum and is conveyed to gas collection points via the permanent pipe system. The gas that is unsuitable for energy generation is removed in a high-temperature incineration plant and without generating any hazardous substances.

Using the gas:
The gas that can be used to generate energy is first conveyed via a good-gas pipeline into a cleaning stage that is upstream from a highly-modern cogeneration plant. Subsequently, the landfill gas is converted into thermal and electrical energy in 5 specially developed gas motors with connected generators.

Process-orientated value generation:
By using this gas to generate energy at the Ihlenberg facility, IAG is making a very significant contribution to savings in fossil fuels in two ways:

1. The thermal and electrical energy generated is used by the company itself at the Ihlenberg facility.

2. The feeding-in of the excess energy into the public power grid.

The gas motors are currently generating approximately 4 megawatts of electrical power and 5 megawatts of thermal energy.

It is in this way that IAG is meeting its goal of operating its business in a spirit of preventive environmental protection with a sustainable effect far into the future. The climate protection and a responsible use of resources are fundamental elements in our ecological thinking and actions at the Ihlenberg facility.

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