Our employees

Our employees

We work with waste materials in a responsible manner.
We have a clear structure for this.

Works Council

The current work's council exists since 2018. The next elections are scheduled for the first quarter of 2022. Our works council meets once a week. We meet with the management once a month in order to discuss current issues. Each quarter, there is a company meeting and, if necessary, additional discussion appointments.

Our main tasks can be sub-divided into three task areas:

1. Monitoring tasks

We monitor the adherence with the applicable laws, directives, accident prevention and operational agreements at the Ihlenberg site.

2. Protective tasks

We offer protection and support during the repulsion of disadvantages for all employees, but particularly for those persons in particular need of protection such as pregnant women in our company for example. 

3. Design tasks

As the works council, we work on behalf of the workers' interests. We make suggestions and we also take up the suggestions put forward from the staff in relation to the following relevant topics (examples):

  • health and safety at work, e. g.:

-Involvement in the company health management, as well as offers in relation to the operational
 reintegration management for employees following extended periods of illness (BEM)
-Participation in USAS, the internal environmental protection and work safety committee (Umweltschutz- und  Arbeitssicherheitsausschuss) of IAG

  • Relevant design and negotiation of operating agreements with the management in relation to, e.g.:

-company-internal salary and wage development of the company's employees
-the economic participation of the IAG staff in the improvement of the actual operating result
-the health insurance of the IAG staff 
-retirement pensions

  • Holding of the staff meetings
  • Committee participation in the employment suggestion scheme
  • Participation in the organisation of events such as, for example, card tournaments or company celebrations

We guarantee safe disposal.

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