Health and safety at work

Health and safety at work

These are important fundamental parts of our company culture

Those who work with dangerous substances must be able to control these. Fire and accident protection are the most important to us for this reason.
All employees receive regular training in the safety measures which have relevance for them and their work. Our goal has been clearly defined: No work-related accidents in our facility! In order to achieve this, we conduct regular safety walk-arounds in all of our company’s departments and we take the appropriate measures in order to remove the potential accident hazards.
Thanks to the clearly structured emergency situation and the regular training of our first-aid officers, as well as the presence of the corresponding first-aid equipment (e.g. two defibrillators), we can respond immediately in the event of an emergency.
We implement modern processes in order to evaluate dangers, as well as the constantly ongoing optimisation of personal protection measures.
We of course pay attention that each employee in each department wears the personal protective equipment that they have been provided with. In addition to the standard equipment depending on the individual working environment, this also includes modern protective equipment such as, for example, the respiratory protection and individually adapted hearing protection, the so-called earmoulded hearing protection.
Our colleagues in the construction machines are also protected against dangerous substances by technical protective equipment such as the filter cabin.

Health management

  • Occupational-medical examinations for the early detection of illnesses
  • Conduction of regular biomonitoring
  • Ongoing toxicology workplace study
  • Subsidies towards availing of prevention offers provided by the statutory health insurance providers designed to prevent health complaints (back training, stress management etc.)
  • Offers involving the company doctor providing information in relation to preventing addiction, high blood pressure etc.
  • Active participation of the employees when it comes to the topic of health in the company, e.g. voluntary participation in the health group
  • Company sports group
  • Promoting and supporting a healthy, balanced diet in our company canteen
  • Water dispensers that can be used free of charge

Company fire brigade

Even the most modern technology cannot offer complete protection. In order to be able to immediately react to a possible malfunction, to fight fires or to protect the landfill technology in the case of fire, the Ihlenberg landfill has its own company fire brigade. The fire brigade is made up of 24 fully trained fire men(women), as well as a fire engine which can also be used in the surrounding area as necessary.

We guarantee safe disposal.

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