Disposal solutions

Disposal solutions

Waste disposal is a task for all of society.
We ensure safe disposal - and that for many years.

In our waste disposal plant at our Ihlenberg site, we can TREAT, RECYCLE, REMOVE or STORE over 500 different types of waste. Our strengths are:


We treat and dispose of your residual power plant waste e.g.

  • Rust, boiler or flue ashes
  • Filter dusts and bed sands

We have comprehensive experience and sufficient plant capacities for sorting and treating:

  • Residential waste (household and commercial waste)
  • Light plastic shredding residues
  • Mixtures of recyclable materials

We dispose of waste arising from the demolition of industrial facilities, surface recycling, soil decontamination, asbestos or fire-damage renovation in a reliable and secure manner!

Our range of services that we offer you at our Ihlenberg facility:

Types of waste:

Over 500 various types of waste can be treated, recycled or destroyed in the disposal plant at our IAG mbH facility.
We dispose of, among other things, contaminated soils, slurries, ashes and dusts, fire residues, construction site waste and much more.


Following presentation of all required documentation, we will be happy to draft and present you with a free and non-binding offer. In particular, we first need a description of the waste and where it originates, sample-taking protocols, analysis results and possibly also expert reports. Please just contact us if you have any questions.


The following plants are available at our Ihlenberg facility with which to dispose of your waste:

  • A landfill for non-hazardous and hazardous waste of landfill class III, e.g. for soils, slurries, tarmac, fire waste, construction site waste, slags
  • Silos for holding dusty wastes, e.g. flight and filter ashes and dust-free unloading
  • A plant for the treatment of residual residential waste, commercial wastes and for packaging wastes
  • A treatment plant for waste from light plastic shredding residues
  • Intermediate storage of non-hazardous waste
Acceptance capacity:

The high-performance infrastructure at the Ihlenberg facility makes it possible for us to accept up to 4,000 tonnes of waste daily and up to 1 million tonnes of waste annually in our waste-disposal plants.

Acceptance criteria:

We accept your waste on weekdays between 6 am and 6 pm. If your project should require other times, we will find a suitable solution for this together with you. On 24.12. and 31.12., the facility in Ihlenberg is open from 6 am until 1 pm.


We will develop an individual solution for every type of waste disposal task. We will also provide you with support on site.


The electronic waste verification process is a legal prerequisite when disposing of hazardous waste. We will consult you in relation to and provide you with technical support. You will find further information here:

Unloading the silo vehicles:

Thanks to our silos we can load and dispose of your waste dust-free.

Disposal documents:

We will be more than happy to help you to draft a balance sheet for the waste which we have disposed of on your behalf.

Reminder function:

We will remind you in plenty of time about the new submission or extension of your disposal verifications and the presentation of examination results of your key parameters for your wastes in accordance with Section 8 of the landfill directive.

Fire brigade:

The IAG has its own company fire brigade. The company fire brigade is made up of 24 fully trained fire-fighters and also a fire engine that can be deployed in the event of malfunctions in the facility, in order to fight fires or in order to secure landfill and plant technology, as well as the facility building.

Trading and dealing:

If we cannot offer you the appropriate waste disposal at our facility, we will find a waste disposal solution in another suitable plant. For this purpose, we acquire trading and dealing certifications each year.


Waste-disposal is a matter of trust. We place importance on comprehensive controls and transparency. That is our motto. Our customers trust us to dispose of their waste in accordance with the law. They can view all our disposal processes as they are being carried out at any time. That is what we understand transparency to be.


IAG operates its own laboratory which has been consistently certified since 2003 (accreditation certificate) in order to be able to meet the comprehensive requirements associated with company-internal monitoring. The accreditation is valid for a period of 5 years at a time. During this period, 3 monitoring audits and 1 reaccreditation are carried out.

Washing the truck bed:

We offer all vehicles making deliveries the opportunity to wash their truck beds in our newly erected vehicle-washing system completely free of charge.
Together with the obligatory washing of the tyres after leaving the landfill, this means that all delivery vehicles leave our facility’s grounds in pristine clean condition.


Our facility is located directly on the A 20 motorway (motorway exit Schönberg) and is therefore easy to reach. We will also be happy to support you when choosing a transport partner who is reliable and best suited to meet your needs.

Maintaining verifications:

We will help you in drafting the waste disposal verifications.


The disposal of waste from abroad takes place via a notification. We will help you with the drafting of the documentation for international transport of waste, as well as help you with the correspondence with the respective public authorities. The responsible public authority in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is LUNG.


As a public company owned by the Federal State, we can offer long-term waste-disposal security, transparent processes and a comprehensive waste-disposal consultancy.

Sample taking:

An accredited laboratory needs to be commissioned with taking samples from the place where the waste is located in order to be able to define the characteristics of the waste.

Cases of damage and renovation:

We also offer you waste disposal solutions in connection with cases of damage. The IAG team can call upon comprehensive experiences when it comes to the disposal of wastes resulting from renovation and dismantling measures or when it comes to disposing of fire wastes.


We conduct further training courses on a regular basis in order to be able to provide you with the competent consultation you expect and deserve.


Safety is important to us. IAG is a specialized waste-disposal company and is audited and certified (certification) every 2 years. In order to reduce the dust emissions at the facility site, and as a contribution to our comprehensive health and safety at work measures in place, all vehicles delivering “dusty” waste are covered with tarpaulin once they have undergone the weighing at the entrance gate, visual inspections and after the samples have been taken, until they have reached the dump site. A maximum speed limit of 30 km/h exists for the entire site on the landfill ring road and of 10 km/h on the landfill body.

Responsible explanation:

As an important element of the waste disposal verification, we require your description of the waste and where it originates from.

Prior declaration for non-hazardous waste:

Use the form “Basic Characterisation” (click here) in order to describe you waste disposal enquiry. Here you have the possibility, for example, to include your analysis or expert report and send it to us.

Disposal is a matter of trust.

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