Environmental goals

Our environmental goals

We have set out the following issues we will concentrate on:

- Ensure recultivation and follow-up measures

- Consistent implementation of measures to protect both people and the environment

- Responsible use of resources

- Implementation of the recycling-economy concept

- Continuous technical improvements of machines and plants

- Processes and procedures kept transparent and conceivable

- Conduct an open dialogue with public authorities and the general public

Protecting bodies of water

Protecting bodies of water

Cleanliness means safety and security for man and the environment. Cleaning vehicles and water sprinklers are constantly in operation on the road leading to and from the landfill. Before leaving the landfill site, the wheels of each vehicle must be cleaned with a high-pressure washer or the entire vehicle must be washed.

At the Ihlenberg site, we either carry out comprehensive testing on the landfill gas, the seepage water, as well as the groundwater surface water ourselves, or we have these carried out by an accredited analysis laboratory.

We concentrate in particular on the groundwater. Since the landfill was taken into operation, a comprehensive control net of groundwater points – at the moment 87 individual points – are operated.
This entails 44 groundwater points being regularly examined for determined hazardous substances. We also monitor the flowing of the groundwater using water-level measuring devices at the groundwater points.

Further information can be obtained from the final report Groundwater monitoring 2014.

That waste disposal can certainly be compatible with the environment has been shown by our biotope. The cleaned seepage water that is then free of all hazardous substances is enriched with oxygen, minerals and other required substances, so that it can be passed on to the outlet channel.

We work carefully and responsibly so that we can look forward to a clean future.

Recultivation and follow-up care

Recultivation and follow-up care

We are already putting monies aside for the re-cultivation and follow-up care; this is something that we take for granted, we certainly do not expect the tax payer to have to pay.

Within the framework of the re-cultivation, during the closing-down phase, a “final surface sealing” is applied to the landfill. The surface is shaped taking the later functional use of the landscape into consideration.

The capturing of the landfill gas and seepage water, as well as the treatment of the seepage water, is secured for a period of 50 years after the landfill is closed through the monies set aside specifically for this purpose.


Safety at the highest level.

All our operating processes are subject to strict safety conditions and controls:

All waste that is delivered by lorry to the Ihlenberg site must first go through a comprehensive control system.

The highest safety levels.

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