History of the facility

History of the facility

From its founding until TODAY - We have achieved so much.
That is motivation for the future.


Dr. Mike Kersten (center) takes over the management of IAG until the current prozess for filling the management board is completed. He is an experienced specialist in the field of waste disposal. Two long-term employees from the IAG support him as authorized signatories: Head of Projects, Caroline Kobel, and Head of the Landfill Department, Matthias Kulzer.


Beate Ibiß and Norbert Jacobsen take over the management of IAG.


On 01.07.2014 we celebrated the 35-year anniversary of the founding of the Ihlenberg landfill with an anniversary reception. Many guests from the worlds of politics and business, the supervisory boards and the authorities, as well as our customers, suppliers and other associates took up our invitation and joined us. In noble surroundings, we looked back at the history of the facility and we emphasized a number of particular milestones. The main tasks facing the waste disposal industry in general in the future, as well as specifically with respect to the waste disposal landfill Ihlenberg were also discussed.


Our parent company GAA – Gesellschaft für Abfallwirtschaft und Altlasten M-V mbH – moved from Schwerin to the new company headquarters in Ihlenberg, Selmsdorf.


Merger of subsidiary RABA Ihlenberg GmbH with IAG, which had acted has the parent company up to that point in time. The tasks and responsibilities for the operation of the mechanical residual waste treatment plant have been assumed by IAG directly since then.


From 01.06.2005, only pre-treated municipal waste is allowed to be deposited in the landfill. As owner and operator of the landfill Ihlenberg, we reacted to this and erected our own residual-waste treatment plant at Ihlenberg.


In September 2000, IAG purchased the shares that the Hilmer Group had held in DMG. With the acquisition of the further 50% of the DMG shares from RWE at the beginning of 2002, the IAG and DMG operation at Ihlenberg were jointly managed. On 12.09.2002, the merger of DMG into IAG was made legally binding through entry into the commercial register. The tasks and responsibility for the Ihlenberg landfill have been assumed by IAG mbH as owner and operator of the Ihlenberg facility.

ab dem 01.07.1999

IAG cancelled the marketing contract with VGI and assumed responsibility for marketing the Ihlenberg landfill.


As owner, the IAG also assumed the operation of DMG. DMG was commissioned with operating the plant.


IAG leased the facility to DMG Deponie-Management GmbH.


The national company GAA - Gesellschaft für Abfallwirtschaft und Altlasten Mecklenburg-Vorpommern mbH acquired the IAG shares from the trust agency.


The order to transform the state-owned companies into incorporated companies saw the transformation of VEB Deponie Schönberg (Schönberg landfill) into IAG – Ihlenberger Abfallentsorgungsgesellschaft mbH.


The VEB Deponie Schönberg emerged from the VEB Stadt- und Gemeindewirtschaft Grevesmühlen. The name of the company was misleading because the facility was not located in or around the town of Schönberg, but was instead located in the parish of Selmsdorf.


The first building measures and the start of landfill operations as a commercial operation of the Grevesmühlen urban economy.


A year later, the Hanseatischer Baustoffkontor (Hanseatic Building Material Office) signed a contract with the GDR government in East Berlin governing the transportation and disposal of construction waste in the Schönberg landfill. The first construction waste was brought from the Federal Republic to Schönberg.


In 1977, members of the commercial coordination department in the GDR government worked together with waste specialists of the Hanseatischer Baustoffkontor Bad Schwartau to test the ground in the border region.
The deep drilled holes showed that the ground was not – as expected – suitable for quarrying gravel, but as a landfill for waste.

We guarantee safe disposal.

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