Our sales team

is committed and motivated when it comes to fulfilling your customer wishes with respect to TREATMENT, RECYCLING and DISPOSAL of waste to your fullest satisfaction in the fastest and most expedient way possible. 

Our sales team has extensive experience in connection with the disposal of wastes, irrespective of whether it came from ongoing production processes or the renovation or deconstruction of old plants.

We have in-depth knowledge of the different waste-related laws and legal requirements in each German Federal State, and we look forward to receiving your waste-disposal enquiry. We support you with the preparation, execution and follow-up work involved with the waste-disposal contract.

Ring us or send your enquiry - we will take care of your disposal task - reliably, with legal certainty and on time.

Mathias Troschke

Department manager
Sales, marketing, contract and material flow management
Authorised representative

Tel.: +49 38823 30-178
Fax: +49 38823 30-179
Rainer Paegelow

Head of section
Acquisition and disposal advice

Tel.: +49 38823 30-141
Fax: +49 38823 30-179
Michael Büchner

Department manager RABA
Recyclables flow management
Authorised representative

Tel.: +49 38823 30-182
Fax: +49 38823 30-179
Sven Sasse

Hazardous waste disposal
Site remediation

Tel.: +49 38823 30-175
Fax: +49 38823 30-179
Nicole Kalfack

Hazardous waste removal

Tel.: +49 38823 30-174
Fax: +49 38823 30-179
Peggy Erdmann

Head of Section
Waste approval proceedings incl. accompanying documentation,
operations log

Tel.: +49 38823 30-142
Fax: +49 38823 30-179
Andrea Duchow


Tel.: +49 38823 30-173
Fax: +49 38823 30-179

We guarantee safe disposal.

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