Certification / Certificates

Certification / Certificates

We have our company tested by external experts on a regular basis.

As a specialist waste-disposal company, IAG regularly and successfully undergoes the repeat examination of the tasks involved in the waste-disposal industry: WAREHOUSING, TREATMENT, RECYCLING, REMOVING, TRADING AND DEALING in waste. We are required on a regular basis to prove our complete adherence with the requirements of the German Waste Management Facility Directive.

The audit involves the examination of how the facility is organised, the staffing levels, the maintaining of the operating log, the commercial insurance cover, the reliability, the specialised and expert knowledge of the company owner, as well as the persons holding positions of responsibility within the company. In addition to this, we also have to regularly verify that IAG GmbH adheres with the valid public legal provisions for its industrial waste business.

The repeated certification as a waste management facility according to sections 56 and 57 of the Recycling Act (KrWG) is proof that IAG mbh maintains a very high level of performance.

The highest safety levels.

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